LASIK is a popular refractive eye surgery that assists treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. A refractive surgery, this technique reshapes your cornea. This allows light to enter the eye as if it should and then your eye will be able to focus onto the retina and the end result is clearer vision.

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Usually, the surgical treatment is simple and fast. It typically takes about 15 minutes for the doctor to perform the procedure for both eyes. There may be some recovery time being expected, but improved vision typically happens in just one day and is constantly improve across the days you recover. The effectiveness with this surgical treatment is quite high.

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As a way to determine if you are an effective candidate, you will need to visit your eye doctor. They will do an exam and after that have the capacity to determine whether the eyes would take advantage of the laser surgery. While everyone seems to be good candidates, not everyone is able to get the surgery for a variety of reasons.

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